I’m on AO3!!

Yay! After a month of waiting, I finally got my invitation this week, and after about 3 hours of some pretty tedious importing, copy/pasting, and OCD-ish reformatting, I’ve added all of my IY fics to my new AO3 account! I love Dokuga, but occasionally I do have the urge to write outside the SessKag pairing—and,

SessKag Shorts: Paper Hearts

Kagome smiled as she put the finishing touches on her card. She wasn’t artistic by any means, but she’d taken extra care to follow the lines this time while cutting and to go easy on the glitter–“easy” being a relative term, of course. She blew lightly across the shiny red paper, a small sparkling cloud

Stasis Chapter 28: revelations

– 28 – .revelations. A glimpse of something in the distance. An archway of pure white stone– … She gasps wetly, saltwater streaming from her lips and eyes. Her throat is aflame, despite the dampness. She coughs in vain to soothe it. “Such foolishness.” His anger is palpable. It seethes like a current around her.